About Julia
I’ve been doing nails since 2009. I specialize in hard gel enhancements and luxury pedicures and I recently opened my own beautiful space here in Medford, Oregon, called Calamity Jane’s Nail Studio. 
I’ve always wanted to do nails, even when I was a little girl. You know how every kid has a collection? Seashells, rocks, bugs, keychains, we’ve all had one. Mine was nail polish. By age 9 I think I had around 50 colors on a shelf that my dad put up for me. I’d paint my moms toenails with Wet’n’Wild red, and adorn them with hand painted daisies and vines using Apple Barrel craft paint, sealing it with Sally Hansen Hard As Nails clear coat. I sure have come a long way since then! 
Why The Unique Name?
 Calamity Jane was a real person who lived during the frontier days. She was known to be a very independent, confident, and capable woman who defied traditional cultural roles and sneered the opinion of others, often dressing in men’s attire. She took care of the women, children and elderly people in her community; she defended the meek, and took care of the sick. She was a member of the Army who saved her wounded Captain on horseback, she singlehandedly saved a stagecoach full of people from impending pursuit, and once even shot a man who wouldn’t apologize for disrespecting and taking advantage of a friend of hers. That’s what I call a badass! She romanced Wild Bill Hickock, the local lawman, and in her later years performed as a sharpshooter and trick shot expert in his exhibition, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. When he was murdered, she went after his killer with a meat cleaver. 
Also, the connection I felt with this bold woman paired well with two other similarities: My middle name is Jane, after my Grandmother; and her son, my dad, owned a gun shop when I was growing up, so naturally, I had the hobby of going shooting with him.
Calamity Jane lived defending fiercely those she loved and upholding her community with devotion. She was known as a generous and trustworthy person. I’d like to think there’s a little piece of her in me. After all, 
“I figure if a girl wants to be a legend, she should go ahead and be one.”
-Calamity Jane

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